"Raven Cat Presiding" Original Painting

"Raven Cat Presiding" Original Painting

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This is a one-of-a-kind original oil painting. 

The painting is 30 x 40  inches and comes with a removable black floater frame.  The painting comes with my autobiography, and a signed copy of "There Will Be Nonsense" a book containing 30 of my paintings. Shipping and Tax are included in the price. 

For this painting, there are three editions of signed and numbered archival giclee prints on German Cotton Hanamuhle 308 GSM Photo Rag Paper:

350 x Small 9.5 x 9.5 inch

350 x Large 15 x 15 inch

25 x Full Sized. 

There are no canvas prints or prints made on any other surfaces 

When you buy a painting or archival print from this site, you are buying directly from me, the artist, Leah Kiser.  Your purchase helps keep my business operational and helps me keep painting more work like this.

The Story Behind This Painting:  

I began painting Feather Cats in 2020 with the first painting entitled Fine Feathered Friends. Cats are a favorite animal of mine. My father was a veterinarian, and I got to know and care for many cats growing up. When I was a small child I drew pictures of them almost exclusively.

Feathers are a favorite texture of mine.  I like how they flop all over the place and how they create a deep relief texture with lots of highlights and deep caverns between the feathers. Their fancy luxurious nature pairs well with the elitist attitude of many cats that I've met.

My cat, Tortuga posed for this painting. She has posed from most of my feather cat paintings. I purchased this feather boa from a specialty feather boa store on Etsy.  I liked that it was black with an iridescent shine. I thought it would be fun to try to replicate... and it was. The pattern on the blanket on the bed is from my own bedroom, but I've modified the colors to fit better with the color of the feather boa.

You will recognize the pattern of the blanket in another feather cat painting entitled "Purrrdy." In the background, you will also see simplified versions of several of my previous paintings featured on the wall - "Cockatoo Shells," "Purrrdy," "Shell Flamingo," "Fine Feathered Friends," and "Hooker's Dream."