About Artifact Fine Art

In 2015, I started selling my work at art fairs in Arizona under the name Artifact Fine Art. It was a wonderful experience. It sustained my career and helped me progress as a painter. In 2020, like so many people adapting to life in a pandemic, I've had to move my business online. 

With the creation of this site, I hope to provide that feeling you get at an art fair - the feeling of discovering some unexpected treasure that you didn't even know existed.  A treasure that evokes good feelings that you can revisit here anytime for free, or that you can purchase to keep or send to a friend.

I miss bringing my work to an audience and seeing how happy it made people.  It helped me see that what I did had value and that it was appreciated. 

It means a lot to me that you are here.  I hope that this site gives you something to smile about.


Leah Kiser