"Fancy Meeting You Here" - Original Painting
"Fancy Meeting You Here" - Original Painting
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, "Fancy Meeting You Here" - Original Painting

"Fancy Meeting You Here" - Original Painting

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This one of a kind original painting is loved by hundreds of people who've bought prints and greeting cards to keep or share with friends.  I do not paint duplicate original paintings or paint embellishments on prints.  There is not another painting like this one in the world, and it could be yours, because it is still available! 

The painting is 40 inches tall by 40inches wide on gallery wrapped linen.  It comes with a removable half inch black and gold floater frame.  Shipping and Tax are included in the price. The painting comes with the story about the painting.  There is a signature on the front of the painting. 

For this painting, there are three editions of signed and numbered archival giclee prints on German Cotton Hanamuhle 308 GSM Photo Rag Paper:

350 x Small 9.5 x 9.5 inch

350 x Large 15 x 15 inch

25 x Full Sized. 

There are no canvas prints or prints made on any other surfaces 

When you buy a painting or archival print from this site, you are buying directly from me, the artist, Leah Kiser.  Your purchase helps keep my business operational and helps me keep painting more work like this.

The Story Behind This Painting: 

“Fancy Meeting You Here” is the first painting in which I’ve included two fantastical ideas I’ve been cultivating in the genre of Imaginative Realism: feather boa cats and lace fish.

I enjoy painting beautiful textures that are challenging to represent- the lace with its transparency and intricate details and the feathers with their catawampus postures - they excite my senses. Transforming these textures into animals with character and movement is quite challenging and time consuming, but it adds an element of magic and fun.

This painting portrays a moment in which the peculiar figures turn around to see one another for the first time.  One can only imagine what will happen next…


I began painting this in the beginning of March of 2022 at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale.  After the show ended for the year, I had surgery that caused internal bleeding, and was lucky to survive. I took a two month long break to heal and recover because I could not sit upright for very long periods.

The painting was finally finished in October 2022. In that same month, I also began the publication process for the book "There Will Be Nonsense." after raising enough money through Kickstarter presales.

~Leah Kiser

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